Research Team
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  Professor Jonathan Crowston

 Head of Glaucoma Research Unit and Managing Director, CERA 



     Pr ofessor Jonathan Crowston, Managing Director of the Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA), is a clinician-scientist specialising in glaucoma. He completed his ophthalmology training at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London and subsequent Fellowships at Westmead Hospital, Sydney and the Hamilton Glaucoma Centre, University of California, San Diego. He joined the faculty at UCSD for 2-years prior to taking up a Chair in Glaucoma at the University of Melbourne. His research is focused on age-related neurodegeneration and neuroprotection of the optic nerve.         



Professor Robyn Guymer


Head of Macular Research Unit, CERA




Professor Robyn Guymer, a retinal specialist, leads the Macular Research Unit at the Centre for Eye Research Australia. Following her PhD at the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research she undertook ophthalmology training in Melbourne, and then completed a two-year medical retinal fellowship at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London under Professor Alan Bird.   Professor Guymer initiated the genetic study of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) at CERA in 1997 and established the McComas molecular genetics laboratory. Her research team conducts clinical trials into the treatment of AMD and epidemiological studies into its risk factors, and has been responsible for introducing new treatments and investigative tools into clinical practice. She is CERA's lead investigator on the bionic eye project.