The first platform developed for targeted drug delivery using the Seagull Technology is the SonoEyeTM system. This system

non-invasively delivers drugs to the front or back of the eye as desired.  The SonoEye system is currently being developed to

deliver drugs to the retina and treating wet Macular Degeneration without intra-vitreal injections.    Seagull     S   



Click here to view an animated demonstration of the device.


 Studies performed by Seagull have shown that drugs ranging in size from larger proteins to small molecules can be successfully

delivered to the back of the eye (please contact Seagull for further information).


Many existing and new drugs, in particular large proteins and antibodies, are being trialled for use in a range of

ophthalmic indications including diabetic eye disease. The market entry of these drugs would expand the future market

for SonoEyeTM exponentially.


The SonoEye System 


The nanotechnology coupled with the ultrasonic stimulus incorporated into the design, ensures that drugs are rapidly and

accurately delivered in a controlled manner only when triggered by the SonoActuatorTM.




 The  SonoEyeTM consists of two components:                       


• The SonoPodTM, a disposable sterile pack that contains the                      • The SonoActuatorTM,  a re-useable handle

  drug stored in and bound to the polymer gel                                                  which contains the ultrasonic and electric field generator

                                                                                                                   and programable drug delivery electronics




SonoEyeTM eliminates risk


SonoEye TM eliminates the following risks associated with injections