A novel needle-free drug delivery system



Seagull Technologies has developed a novel cross-platform drug delivery method

that non-invasively delivers drugs ranging from small molecules to large proteins

(with or without nano-particle encapsulation) through biological tissues by an

innovative  combination of nanotechnology, electric fields and ultrasound .   







Our technology:

  removes the risks and discomfort associated with injections;

• depending on the site of application, can be used for targeted or systemic drug delivery; and

• may offer new opportunities for drugs that:

 – are inactivated by gastro-intestinal or liver metabolism; or

 – cause untoward side effects from ingestion.



How it works:


Seagull Technology utilises the electrical properties of polymers combined with ultrasonic

stimulation to facilitate the release of drugs (with or without nano-particle encapsulation)

in regulated doses and subsequent movement of packaged or raw drugs across biological



Penetration of drugs coated in nanoparticles      E.M. Ultrastructure of electroconductive polymer


  Click here for an animated demonstration.